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Here’s me! Hi! I’m Pauline. It's been a while since I have wanted to dedicate a blog specifically to share all the little craft projects, food experiments I am always up to, and everything that inspires me. It's kind of a way to release some creative energy.

I am a stay at home mom of two primary school going children, Little Man & Little Missy. My apartment is full of laughter, noise and dirt. (Well, I try to keep the dirt to a minimum inside the apartment at least…)
Maybe that’s why I need this blog to maintain my sanity from my daily routine as a mom and wife. My chance to hone some patience and draw a therapeutic respite as I cook, bake, sew and craft.
I love to do WAY too many things. I love sewing. I love cooking & baking. I love reading. Other than my kids and my family, those are my top three hobbies. I am hooked onto Pinterest, love to craft, have a cluttered house that is crying out for some decluttering, love photography, love doing fun things with my kids and basically can’t sit still.
Thanks for visiting me. Let’s be friends. :)
Here’s my sweet family and the important people in my life:

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