Aug 5, 2014

Our Dinner The Past Two Weeks

When the week has been peppered with public holidays or no-school days, I do get thrown off my routine, which explains my lack of updates on my grocery hauls and dinner plan updates. Not that I didn't do any grocery shopping or didn't prepare any dinners, just that I haven't got the luxury of time to fill in the details into this space.

So this is a consolidation of what we had for dinner in the past two weeks. Once again, I am a no frills person, so dinners have as usual been simple, easy & fast to prepare.

Hope this gives you some ideas as you make your dinner plans.

Our $60 worth dinners two weeks ago -

Monday - Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice served with Bok Choy
Tuesday - Pan Seared Fillet in garlic cream sauce served with fries and baby french beans
Wednesday - Fried Kway Teow
Thursday - Ayam Pongteh and Stir-fry vegetables
Friday - Soba Noodles
Saturday - Potato Beef Soup and long bean omelette

Last week, our dinners costed $50+ -
Monday - Claypot Chicken Rice with Watercress Soup
Tuesday - Chicken Macaroni Soup
Wednesday - Minced Pork Tofu and Spinach & Eggs Medley
Thursday - Steamed Fish in Japanese sauce, Lotus Root Soup and stir-fry vege
Friday - Tauhu Goreng with premade peanut sauce

I was really heartened to learn that another mommy (click on the link) shared her $50 budget dinners and you'll be inspired too!

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