Jan 12, 2015

[Recipe] Vegetarian Tofu

This dish caught my attention as I was conscientiously trying to lift out all recipes that are mainly vegetarian/vegan/vegetable based from the cookbooks I have in my home library.

It's simple and I was able to adapt it by changing the vegetables that I fancy. The main thing that brought the dish together was the sauce. So this was a hit with my family that they asked for "repeat order" (ie. to have this in our next dinner meal in the near future).

With very simple ingredients everything can be pull off within minutes!

2 Pieces of Firm Tofu, sliced into approx 1cm thickness; then pat them completely dry
Pan-fry them till they form a crispy exterior - approx 5mins each side. Once done, set it aside.

Ingredients that I've used as the vegetable topping. Originally the recipe calls for baby corn, black fungus and mushrooms. Well I love my food colourful so these were the ones I've used - 1/2 pack of Sweet Snap Peas, Yellow Bell Pepper (thinly sliced into strips, Red Chilli (seeded & cut into thin strips), 1/2 Carrot (julienned), 2 Fresh Shitake Mushrooms (thinly sliced).

I cannot do without any aromatics in my dish, so garlic and onions are the usual aromatics I'll have in my cooking.

I've done away with the use of oyster sauce and even commercially made mushroom sauce. Have changed to the use of Natural Black Bean Sauce instead. Tasted just as good!

Recipe for the sauce:
1Tbsp Black Bean Sauce
2 Tbsp Light Soya Sauce
1tsp Sugar
1/2 Cup water
1-2tsp Corn Flour
*Note: Combine all the ingredients for the sauce together

1) Pan fry the firm tofu slices till crispy on the outside and set it aside.
2) Heat oil and saute onions and garlic till fragrant
3) Add in all the vegetables and stir-fry till cooked
4) Add in the sauce and cook till the sauce thickens; turn out the heat
5) Serve by plating the tofu at the bottom of the plate and pour the vegetables with sauce over the tofu.

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