Jun 28, 2014

A Brand New Beginning

Thank you for stopping by here. You might not see much on this blog yet as it's still work-in-progress. I used to blog (am still blogging) at Mamabliss, and have decided that it's better to keep that blog on my personal journey as a mom and about the things I do with my children separate from my hobbies/interests.

This space will purely be a record of my passion as a mom, a crafter, a home cook, a home baker, a photographer wannabe!

On this space you will get a glimpse of the food I feed my family (including tips, tricks, recipes and more), the handmade crafts I so enjoy sewing and making, I'll also share whatever that I might be inspired by for the moment.

I hope you'd enjoy reading and will find something useful out of this blog and maybe you might also be inspired to try out some of the recipes and or the craft tutorials I will share as in the not so far future.

Nonetheless, I hope you'll have fun while you are here!

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