Oct 29, 2014

[Recipe] The Black & White Chicken Soup

As you can tell from one of my earlier posts, I love making soups, drinking soups has always been such a pleasure to me. Naturally, I'd research more and try out new recipes in making soups. While I do love the chinese herbal chicken soups, I also love to explore new ways of making other chicken soup as well.

Here's a recipe I've discovered and adapted from a chinese cook book (which I cannot remember where I've seen it before, so I am sorry I am unable to share the resource from which I've taken from).
So what's this black & white chicken soup about? I love the white & black fungus, also known as (white) snow ear fungus and (black) cloud ear fungus; they have many other names to it, but you know what I am referring to right?

Here's a super simple and absolutely yummy chicken soup that anyone can prepare in very little time.

30gms White Fungus (add less or more to your preference)
30gms Black Fungus (add less or more to your preference)
500gms Chicken Winglets
4-5 thin slices of Ginger
3-4 stalks of spring onions
1 tbsp rice wine
1 tbsp soya sauce
Salt to taste

To prepare the white and black fungus, they usually come in the dried form so all you need to do is give them a good rinse and soak them for up to an hour to rehydrate them. Once they have fluff up, just trim the stalk or hard areas off, cut them into smaller pieces for ease of consumption.
*Quick tip: when choosing white fungus, select those that are slightly yellow in hue, try to avoid getting them if they are in pure white form as they might be bleached in the process of packaging. 

Clean the chicken winglets thoroughly (you may also use other parts of the chicken for this soup, ideally chicken breast meat which gives flavour), add all other ingredients into the soup pot, fill it up till water covers all the ingredients. Bring the soup to a boil and simmer it for 40-50mins (or till the white/black fungus have soften).

Add the seasoning to your preferred taste and garnish the soup with parsley(optional), that's it!

Preparing soups is just such a joy and drinking them is simply comforting. So do make more soups as it truly nourishes!