Oct 31, 2014

[Recipe] Herbal Soup Bowl

I know many people drink herbal soup without consuming the herbs but I on the other hand, love to clean out the entire bowl of soup. It's so comforting savouring the entire bowl of goodness, soup, herbs (those which are edible of course), dregs and all! 

I grew up drinking such soups and have learned to appreciate every bit of such soups that my mom used to prepare for me. Now that I am not under her direct care anymore, I'd make sure to recreate that childhood nostalgia by preparing such soups for my family. 

This soup was prepared from scratch in which I gathered the ingredients on my own (read: did not buy pre-pack herbs). It's rather easy to locate all these ingredients in any chinese medical hall. Go to Hock Hwa if there's one nearby you they are very well stocked and everything is nicely packed which makes obtaining them an easy task.

For easy reference here's the recipe
500gms  Pork Ribs (preferably those with a little more meat as it will flavour the soup better)
5-6 pieces Dried Chinese Yam
20gms Solomon's seal Rhizome
50gms Gordou Eurylae Seeds
50gms Red Lotus Seeds
50gms Lily Bulb
20gms Dried Longans

1) Boil of pot of water sufficient to just scald the pork ribs; Scald the pork ribs for 5-8mins and set it aside. Pour away the water.
2) On a separate soup pot place scalded pork ribs with the rest of the ingredients. Fill it with water till all pork ribs are submerged in water.
3) Bring the water to a boil then simmer for 2 hours.
4) Add salt to taste

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