Dec 3, 2015

[Craft] Christmas Cards

Christmas, one of my favourite seasons of the year. When I was a student (even when I started working), before internet or even digital age took over our lives, I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. These days, it's so hard to even receive a hand written snail mail from friends or relatives. Old-fashion me still enjoy reading snail mail vs emails *smile*
Simple Handmade Christmas Card
So for the season this year, I have decided to encourage my children to make and write Christmas cards to their friends. I know for sure, my children would love to receive Christmas cards or even snail mails from friends, it's always a delight!

Here's what we need, simple materials and quick way to put it together.
Materials for the Craft

Materials Required:
Patterned Paper
Coloured Paper
A pair of scissors
Glue Stick
Christmas Themed Templates (here's where you can find them
Stickers or other embellishments (optional)

The adults could trace the template onto the back of the patterned paper
Tracing the template
One sheet of patterned paper could yield 4 pieces of the decorative shapes
Plain A4 coloured paper folded into a A5 size
This is how it should looks like when the coloured paper is folded
Engage the help of the little ones to get the cards completed
Add a personal message for friends
Oooh the cards are so colourful even when it's so simply made!
It's really beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas now! Have fun making your own greeting cards!

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  1. I like the red and yellow ones, hee hee, got the hint?