Mar 30, 2016

With Heart & Sew

I have been a craftoholic all throughout the years. During my childhood years, I remember sitting in front of the telly faithfully (daily) eagerly waiting to watch the craft segment of the children's programmes on TV (psst I even watched the children's programmes in malay language; not that I understood at all but I would most definitely watch the craft segment without fail). I am just naturally drawn to art and crafts without explanation.
Over the years, I've tried my hands on various types of craft work (eg. teddy bear sewing, scrapbook, decoupage, card making, knit, crochet, cross stitching, hama-beading, handmade costume accessories etc), my THE MOST favourite of all craft work would be sewing. I might have been influenced by my mom who was a tailor before she retired. I would sit nearby her and watch her tailoring and I was also a benefactor of her tailoring, I used to grow up donning new dresses all the time (I was really blessed).

While I don't fancy sewing clothes as much, I do love to sew little knick knacks as gifts initially. It has then developed into a passion to sew not just for others but to pass on the knowledge I know about sewing to others.
Personally, sewing is not only very therapeutic, it's also a great way to help me hone patience and perseverance (which is usually lacking in me). It's not only a lifeskill but it has gave me great fulfilment as I witness each project being completed in my hands.

During the recent school term break, I had an opportunity to share my love for sewing with a great and fun bunch of little 8 to 9 year-old girls who enthusiastically participated in the sewing of a sock bunny. It's easy and can be done within a few hours - most importantly it's fun and the completed craft makes a great companion for the kids to keep.

I am planning to run the class again during the coming June 2016 school holidays. If you and your friends would like to let your child join the class, it will commence with a minimum of 4 pax. All materials will be provided. You may contact me at Lilhandmades at gmail dot com to enquire for more information and details. Would be happy to hear from you soon!

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