Jul 21, 2014

5 Days Dinner At Only $50

Last week, I shared about my grocery haul and the week's dinner I will prepare. Here's a recap of what I've prepared for dinner last week. It was simple but delicious nonetheless!

I was so glad I didn't need to go back to the supermarket or wet market to get anymore groceries, it has free up a lot of my time to pursue other important matters for the family instead! So once again, a meal plan and a grocery list in place helped me to be more time efficient.

*Note: Some of the recipe links of the dishes below are attached for your reference.

On Monday evening, we had Prawn Paste Chicken (supposedly, I'll talk about that in a bit), and Stir-Fry Chinese Spinach with Oyster Mushrooms.

When it comes to recipes, one should really read it thoroughly before jumping right into cooking the dish. I have learned a lesson on Monday evening while preparing this Prawn Paste Chicken dish. I've completely missed the step of dusting the wings with flour, baking soda & baking powder. As you can see, my Prawn Paste Chicken has turned out to be grilled instead of crispy! Oh well, we all learn! Thank goodness it didn't taste weird at all.

Tuesday, I made a mixture of 8 different ingredients into a dish. This Vegetable Medley consisted of bean sprouts, carrots, chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, firm bean curd, black fungus, celery, red chilli. A refreshing change from my usual green leafy stir-fry vegetables.

The other dish that I made for Tuesday evening, was this Prawns in glass noodles. Also a new dish that I made for the first time. The kids and the hubby loved it as much as I did. The sauce was savoury and sweet and the aromatics made it extra flavourful! 
Wednesday, Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce and Stir-fry Broccoli with beef slices were for our dinner. We just cannot have enough of this super appetising fish dish, the Sauce is the key of it!  

The taste and presentation of Taiwanese bentos remained vividly in my mind after I visited the place about 4 years ago. So Thursday, we had Taiwanese bento-style dinner. It was the easiest meal to prepare of the week (anything prepared in the oven is easy)! Simply grilled boneless chicken thigh meat and add on some stir-fry vegetables and voila!

Vegetarian Yee Fu Noodles, was our dinner on Friday. Another quick and simple meal done!

With all that time saved, I had some spare time to sew a Sock Monkey softie, oh how I love to sew!


  1. Sock monkey softie is so adorable!

  2. The dishes look so yummy, delicious and healthy

  3. I like the prawn paste chicken, vegetable medley and vegetarian yee fu noodles

  4. Wow Pauline this all looks so yummy! Yee fu noodles are so wedding dinnerish to me. I love!!!! Ps I'm ashamed to admit that even though my two kids are younger than yours, I think we eat much more in each meal than your family does! *shy*

    1. Hey Adora, thanks for stopping by :) I love to prepare Yee Fu Noodles cos it's so easy and really very economical too! We do indulge occasionally so don't be too hard on yourself :P