Jul 22, 2014

Grocery Haul This Week at $60!

The total cost of our groceries for this week's dinner is slightly higher than last week's as I've worked in pork and beef dishes into the meal plan (so fresh pork and fresh beef are the ones that increase the cost).

I have in our dinner meal plan this week as follow -
Monday - Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice with Green Vegetables
Tuesday - Pan Seared Fish Fillet in Garlic Cream Sauce with garden greens
Wednesday - Ayam Pongteh and Stir-fry spinach
Thursday - Fried Kway Teow
Friday - Beef Carrot & Potato Soup with Long Bean Omelette

In the course of grocery shopping, the thing that caught me was the cost difference between fresh meat/seafood vs frozen meat/seafood. A pack of frozen 4 slices of Tilapia fillet cost only $8.90 (sold in FairPrice), while a fresh Tilapia fish easily cost approximately $6.00. A pack of frozen sliced beef (approx 200gms) cost $4.90 while fresh sliced beef cost about $6.00. It's no wonder the cost of my grocery bill this week is slightly higher than last week's in spite of us having beef in our menu last week.

But to go for frozen food or not it's a personal choice. I've enjoyed frozen food lately (just started buying more frozen meat/seafood) and haven't find them inferior in any way. In fact, I find frozen prawns to be crunchy and fresh. If you have a concern if frozen food has equivalent nutrients you might want to read up here on the benefits of frozen meat and here on a test between fresh & frozen food.

Stay tuned for my updates on the meals I've prepared for this week!

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